Talk is cheap

If you like to talk politics and watch the news, you probably shouldn't consider kung fu. It is not for you.

Kung fu is all about tangible, concrete action. Putting your money where you mouth is: training hard, integrity, resolve, commitment, sacrifice, dedication, focus, earnestness, clarity, proof, results.

There's no room for talkers. You cannot defeat a punch with hot air...Talk truly is worthless.

What exactly did learning at school involve?

  1. Lessons in class/explanations
  2. Reading text books
  3. Practice in class
  4. Heavy repetition of basic elements e.g. times tables, alphabet, spelling tests
  5. Homework
  6. Revision
  7. Exams
  8. Levels of proficiency
  9. Regular feedback 

Somehow as adults we expect to pick things up easily and skilfully without undertaking the process of learning necessary as a child. Why is this?


Many people are so uncomfortable in the absence of noise that they will leave the television on even when no one is watching.

 I have passed people on lonely mountain paths carrying radios that were blasting out rock music. They like the scenery but fear the silence.

 We are overwhelmed by noise pollution which keeps us from being able to relax and which wreaks havoc on our nervous system.

(John Lash)

Beyond the beginning

Many people join a tai chi school with lofty ambitions only to reach a rudimentary level of skill and simply remain there. 
Remaining a beginner forever is pointless. No matter how much you learn it is still at the first level of skill. Years of practice don't mean anything if you're still a beginnerThere's been no progress.
If you are sincere about trying to slow down the aging process, you're going to have to keep going. Don't stop at the beginning. Climb.


The root of ignorance itself is our mind’s habitual tendency to distraction.

(Sogyal Rinpoche)


Switch off

Try switching the TV off.
Suddenly the day is yours to do with as you see fit.
Switch off the PC.
The phone.
Go around the house and unplug every electronic device you are not using.
Wow; no more background hum.
Your electric meter is no longer spinning fast.